Giddy's Place Boat in Donsol

Explore Donsol, Philippines

A smaller quaint town in the larger Sorsogon, Bicol area, Donsol (see getting here) is the surprising host of a large number of nature-focus attractions. Although it is well-known as the largest meeting point of whale sharks ("butanding" in Tagalog) in the world, this gem hides other well-kept secrets. At night, fireflies cover the trees of the Ogod river, a short distance from town. On moonless and cloudless nights, this river tour will also reveal thousands of stars usually not seen from town. The same river offers a wonderful daytime scene for a relaxing kayak ride.

Scuba diving is also becoming more popular as Donsol is the best base to dive in San Miguel Island and Manta Bowl, the site to see manta rays and the occassional whales shark in the Philippines. A short trip to a waterfall, a full-day boat tour to the neighbouring islands, a visit to the famous perfect cone of the Mayon Volcano, or a dip in Irosin's hot springs, a properly planned Donsol trip can provide you days of unforgettable activities to be remembered for a lifetime.

Inside the town itself, you will find proud and friendly people of varied backgrounds eager and willing to help or simply chat with you. Being the third country with the most English speaking people, most Donsolanos will understand English. The people lead a very particular way of life. Most rise early to get ready to sell in the market within the town or in nearby areas or go though their daily activities. Others simply rouse early to enjoy the morning dew. Though the average Donsolano generally sleeps early, nightlife is not foreign to some. Some locals enjoy evening strolls through the streets, and others catch a karoake tune at places like Shanley's or Giddy's Butanding Bar.

As a curious traveler, you might enjoy a stroll through town and enjoy its culture and various delicious local treats. One way of experiencing the local culture is through direct participation. We recommend adding the "sudsod" night shrimp catching activity to your adventure.