Directions in Getting Here

  • By Plane
  • Book a 1 hour flight from Manila to Legaspi via Philippine Airlines (choose econo Light Fares), Air Philippines or Cebu Pacific. Flights are usually early in the morning and at lunchtime. The latest flight out of Legaspi to Manila is usually at 2:10PM.
  • Then, take a 5-min tricycle ride from the airport to the shuttle terminal (about Php 80 or US$1.70 per tricycle (fits 3 passengers) from inside the airport, Php 30 or US$ 0.65 per tricycle from across the street from the airport).
  • Finally, take a 1-hour land trip via public airconditioned Shuttle to Donsol (about Php 80 or US$1.70 but you have to wait until the shuttle is full) and asked to be dropped off at Giddy's in Donsol town center OR book a private transfer by airconditioned van through Giddy's Place for PHP 2,000 per van.
  • On the way back, the public airconditioned shuttles that leave Donsol for Legaspi pass through the airport. You may just ask the driver to drop you off at the airport gate with no extra charge. Please note that the public vans do not leave Donsol until they are full and stop to unload and take passengers during the trip so please plan to leave early enough to make your check-in time. You can also pay for all remaining seats to have the van leave right away. Public van's interior and exterior are not as well maintained as private vans. The public vans pass by the airport and can drop you off directly. Alternatively, you may book private transfers by airconditioned van through Giddy's Place for PHP 2,000 per van per way.
  • By Car
    Take a 10-12 hour 550KM trip south to Donsol. Be sure to take the Quirino Highway (Andaya Highway) in Camarines by turning right going up to the mountains rather than going straight via DAET. This will save you about 2 hours (otherwise its 12-14 hours).
  • There is a logical stop at CALAUAG town about an hour before arriving in Andaya Highway. You will easily see this town as it has a SHELL, Petron and Caltex station near each other. There are gas stations, toilets, and food here. The next Gas stop is about 2-3 hours away in Sipocot after exiting Andaya Higway.
  • When you reach Donsol proper, take the second left after the Capitol. This is already Clemente Street and Giddy's Place is on the right side after the Market and the Bridge. Click here to locate Giddy's Place in town via Google Maps.
  • Driving Tips:
  • 1. Driving at night lets you avoid the tricycles and people that are present in the streets which tend to slow down your travel. It also allows you to easily see incoming vehicles through their headlights.
    2. The fastest way to travel here is to follow a fast bus (or other tall vehicle). The buses know when to slow down and the potholes to avoid. This way you can travel fast but safely along Andaya.
  • By Bus
    Take a 12-14 hour trip to Donsol. Buses from Manila usually leave from the Cubao Terminal beside Ali Mall at 1PM and 4PM via Lobrigo Lines and they arrive in Donsol at 3AM and 6AM respectively. Outside of these times you may opt to take any bus to Legaspi (usually one leaves every hour) and take a public shuttle or jeep from either Legaspi or Daraga. Please note that the last trip to Donsol from Legaspi is at 5PM and 6PM from Daraga. Plan to arrive earlier as these trips tend to leave early when their full already. Alternatively, you may asked to be fetched by private van at PHP 2,000 per van to Donsol.
  • Buses leave Donsol for Manila at 12NN but these stay in Pilar Town (30 min from Donsol) until about 5PM. Alternatively, you can opt to leave Donsol for Pilar at 3 or 4 PM to catch the bus to Manila from Pilar. Public transport is available from Donsol to Pilar or you may rent a van for about Php 600 or US$12.50.