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Whale Shark Interaction (Seasonal - November to June)

Donsol, also known as the Whale Shark Capital of the world, has the largest recorded number of regular whaleshark sightings worldwide. Initially "discovered" by the international community in 1998, the whale sharks return between November to June every year and is the most popular ecotourism activity in the Philippines. In early 2009, WWF recorded two instances of two distinct baby whale sharks measuring less than 3 feet caught and set free in Donsol. This is the only such documented sighting worldwide of baby whalesharks making the town a possible breeding ground for these gentle giants.

What does Giddy's provide? We can pre-book and pre-register you as well as provide you transfers, and snorkeling gear. Giddy's can only book whaleshark interaction tours on a per-boat basis only and charges an additional service fee inclusive of transfers. If you wish to share a boat, you will have to register in the tourism center yourselves. Pre-registration request is offered only to residing guests in the resort.

All whaleshark tours are held by the tourist center. There is an additional registration fee per person (valid for 1 week). Snorkeling gear may also be rented out at the tourism center at the same rate at Giddy's Place.

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